Sprout Studio LLC was founded in 2011 by Margaret Loperfido when she and her family relocated from Boulder, Colorado to the beautiful mountain town and place of many fond childhood memories, Crested Butte.

Returning to Crested Butte after 28 years meant returning to a place that defines what ‘sense of community’ truly means. It also meant being intimately connected to the beauty and amazing natural resources that Colorado has to offer.

The idea of building community and preserving resources is at the very foundation of every project we embark upon at Sprout Studio. Through thorough analysis and a deep understanding of a site, its context, and its community we are able to produce exceptional designs that are sensitive to people and place.

Founding principal, Margaret Loperfido has 15 years of experience as a Landscape Architect working primarily in Colorado. Prior to founding Sprout Studio, Margaret worked for well-known and respected Landscape Architecture firms including SWA Group, Civitas, and Belt Collins West. This experience has provided Margaret with a strong work ethic and commitment to high quality work, strong communication and facilitation skills, and a collaborative design process that takes advantage of the collective expertise of the entire client and design team.

Margaret’s design ethic stems from a desire to support a strong sense of community through the design of public spaces and is complimented by her deep respect for nature and her inspired design ideas. It is from this background of experience and knowledge that Sprout Studio is rooted and will continue to grow.

Although technically a one-person office, Sprout Studio regularly incorporates outside expertise including peer review with other landscape architects, civil engineers, and architects as well as hosting in-house design charrettes during design & concept development phases of projects. We seek to develop innovative, sustainable and cost effective designs that address our clients’ needs and desires while contributing to a larger sense of community and preserving our valuable natural resources.